Your Ultimate Guide To Loungefly Stationery
Okay, raise your hand if you miss back-to-school shopping! 🖐️ Well, we have good news! We’re bringing back the fun of shopping for new stationery – this time with a fandom twist! We have a brand-new set of accessories for you to continue to show off what you love in your day-to-day. Our stationery line includes plush journals (with covers you can reuse!), spiral notebooks, binders, and pencil cases! It’s every stationery lover’s DREAM! Currently we offer stationery for Star Wars fans, Sanrio fans, and Disney fans. Check them out:

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Loungefly Plush Journals

These journals add an extra level of cozy throughout your day. They’re perfect for those of us with journal anxiety – who never want to use a perfect, new journal – because you can remove the cover and add it to another one once you’re finished! They also come with a zippered pocket on the back that allows you to store your writing utensils, phone, or anything else you need for your day!

Disney100 Minnie Mouse Classic Cosplay Plush Stationery Journal

This journal features Minnie Mouse front and center with a pink dress and a 3D yellow bow! Inside, you’ll find 150 lined pages with fun art of Minnie Mouse on the upper corner of each page! It’s such a cute way to add some more Disney to your life!

Sanrio Kuromi Cosplay Plush Stationery Journal

Is Kuromi your fav? This plush journal features your favourite trouble-making cutie on the front. 3D bows are present on her hood, and you’ll find embroidered details bring her to life. Take a peek at the back and you’ll find an embroidered tail next to the zippered pocket! Inside, there are 150 lined pages waiting for you to fill them, with cute Kuromi illustrations in the upper corners. It’s a must-have for extra cuteness while you write!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Ewok Cosplay Plush Stationery Journal

Whether you’re Endor or outdoor – this journal is ready for the adventure! This Ewok comes to life in plush and embroidered details. 3D plush ears stick out from the corners. Inside, you’ll find 150 lined pages for you to jot down any thoughts to plan for your next mission! It’s an essential for any rebel.

Loungefly Lunchbox Journals

These journals have a classic lunchbox style, complete with handle for easy carrying, an elastic band to hold your preferred writing utensil, and thermos-shaped sticky notes!

Disney100 Mickey & Friends Classic Lunchbox Stationery Journal

This journal is colour blocked with pink, teal, and yellow. You’ll find some of your Disney favourites on the front – Daisy, Donald, Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto! Turn it around to find a cute design of stickers against a red background! Inside, 150 lined pages are waiting for you to share your ideas with magical illustrations of your favorite Disney characters.

Sanrio Hello Kitty & Friends Carnival Lunchbox Stationery Journal

This pastel perfection of a journal has the same shape as the others, with colour blocking style of yellow and pink! You’ll find Pompompurin riding a roller coaster with Macaroon, Muffin, and Scone. On the back, you’ll find Pompompurin and Macaroon on a coaster surrounded by Pompompurin-shaped balloons and treats! Inside, there are 150 lined pages for you to fill out with cute designs around the edges of the pages

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Lunchbox Stationery Journal

Show off your best style in the galaxy with this journal! On the front is an illustration of R2-D2 and C-3PO. On the back is an illustration of an Ewok on a speeder bike. 150 lined pages are ready for you to share all your thoughts about the galaxy. Each page has Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on it. It might be the best journal in any star system!

Loungefly Mini Backpack Pencil Cases

These pencil cases are modelled after our classic mini backpack style and have a small front pocket and larger main compartment to store what you need. With a clip at the top, you can accessorize the pencil case with a fun charm or attach it to your bag so it’s easily accessible. Don’t have enough writing utensils to keep track of? These cases double as a perfect travel companion for power cords, air pods, makeup brushes, or anything else you need to have by your side!

Disney100 Mickey & Friends Classic Stationery Mini Backpack Pencil Case

This pencil case follows suit with the colour blocking style of the lunchbox journal. You’ll find Minnie, Mickey, Goofy, Daisy, and Donald on the front against a yellow background. Pluto is on the red front pocket. It’s a fun accessory to add some Disney magic to your life!

Sanrio Pompompurin Carnival Stationery Mini Backpack Pencil Case

This pencil case is full of fun! You’ll find Pompompurin, Macaroon, Muffin, and Scone on a roller coaster surrounded by balloons and stars. On the back, you’ll find two balloons with a banner that says “Pompompurin” on it. We can’t think of a cuter accessory for you to take along on your travels!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Ewok Stationery Mini Backpack Pencil Case

It’s Yub Nub time! This pencil case features an Ewok against a forest background, with embroidered and applique details. You know it’s time for a celebration with the words “Yub Nub” on the back! There’s enough space to store whatever you need to help the rebellion.

More Loungefly Stationery Styles

For those of you that prefer to store your notes in a spiral notebook, or a figural journal, we’ve got you covered!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Darth Vader Stationery Journal

Truly join the dark side with this journal! It’s in the shape of Darth Vader’s mask and the pages have sprayed red edges. Each page is lined and has the symbol of the Empire in the upper corner. There’s also a red ribbon for you to keep your place!

Disney100 Mickey & Friends Classic Stationery Spiral Tab Journal

Keep tabs on whatever you need with this journal! The cover of this journal features a repeating pattern of Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, Donald, and Pluto. You’ll find five tabs sticking up from the top so you can keep things organized. The beginning of each tab features a page with a full illustration of that character. Have some fun while you stay organized!

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Explore everything we have and relive that fun of back-to-school shopping as you stock up on what you need for your desk, your travels, and just your everyday!

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