Introducing More Ways To Express Your Fandom With Loungefly COLLECTIV

We’ve expanded to bring you more ways to express your fandom. Introducing: COLLECTIV!

COLLECTIV is all about bringing you styles that work with every facet of your lifestyle. Fandom is part of who you are and no matter how you choose to express it – shouting it from the rooftops or preferring a more subtle style – we’re here with a new way to do just that.

COLLECTIV is fashion from afar, fandom up close. You’ll find subtle nods to your favourite fandoms on these new multi-functional accessories. Each piece has various compartments to hold everything while you’re on the go. There are a variety of accessory sizes to fit to your needs – The EXECUTIV is perfect for work, while The INFLUENCR is great for when you need to travel light and be hands-free.

To kick off our launch, we have Marvel’s Loki and Star Wars. Check out these incredible new pieces – yes, bags AND apparel – that’ll uplevel your fandom style:

Loungefly COLLECTIV Marvel Loki The TRAVELR Full-Size Backpack

Whether you’re time-slipping or traveling via normal methods like trains, cars, or planes, this is the perfect accessory to carry along with you. This backpack is green with a debossed pattern of Loki’s symbols, including his horn and an intertwining snake. The front flap includes a gold metal rivet of Loki’s helmet.

Subtle details show off your love for Loki, including debossed lettering that spells out “The God of Mischief” on the zipper pull and along the straps of the bag. You’ll find this bag a perfect companion for travel – it includes hidden compartments on the side and the back to keep things secure and inconspicuous. It also has a plush laptop sleeve, passport pocket, and clip for your keys to keep them easily accessible

A fully functional accessory that gives a nod to your favourite God of Mischief!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Marvel Loki The CREATIV Convertible Backpack & Tote Bag

Live a creative life on your terms. The last thing you want when you’re working on your next project is disorganization in your bag. This convertible tote bag gives you the flexibility to work just how you want. It easily converts from a tote bag to a backpack and includes a plush laptop sleeve, a large, zippered pocket, and places for storing pens, pencils, and whatever else you need!

This bag is green and has debossed patterns of Loki’s symbols, including his helmet and intertwining snakes. At the bottom, you’ll find debossed lettering that says, “God of Mischief” and a gold metal rivet of Loki’s helmet. Ready for whenever inspiration strikes, the possibilities are endless with the CREATIV.

Loungefly COLLECTIV The INFLUENCR Convertible Crossbody Bag

If versatility and portability is what you’re looking for while you’re out and about, this is what you need. You can easily switch this bag from a sling to a crossbody with the adjustable strap. Sleek and effortless fandom style is included – you’ll find a debossed print of Loki’s helmet all over the bag against a green background.

There’s a zippered pocket on the front and several zippered compartments within to keep your essentials organized while on the go. You’ll find a golden metal rivet of Loki’s helmet on the strap. Make all the mischief you want with this bag!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Marvel Loki The ORGANIZR Accordion Wallet


Staying organized has never been easier. The ORGANIZR is green and has intricate, debossed patterns of Loki’s intertwining snake symbol. A gold metal rivet adds an extra special touch of mischief. On the back, you’ll find the words “God of Mischief.”

Unzip it, and you’ll find an accordion-style interior to keep your cards, cash, and anything else you need fully organized. Take your fandom wherever you go with this wallet!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Marvel Loki The ORIGINL Tee

For when you want just a wink to your favourite fandom, The ORIGINL tee is meant for you. Show off your love for Loki with simple, subtle style. You’ll find Loki’s helmet embroidered on the upper right corner. The top of the shirt is black, and the bottom is green with a subtle pattern of Loki’s snake symbol. A gold chevron divides the two halves to complete the look. Low-key 😉fandom fashion is at your fingertips with this shirt.

Loungefly COLLECTIV Marvel Loki The WEEKENDR Hooded Jacket

An elevated piece to express your fandom is waiting for you – it’s The WEEKENDR jacket. This is a heavy-duty jacket that has a drawstring hood and gold rivets of Loki’s helmet on the pockets. This piece stands out with mixed fabrics, including a chenille patch of Loki’s helmet against darker fabric on the upper left corner.

The sleeves are green and have a subtle pattern of Loki’s snake symbol. Take a look at the back of the jacket to find the words “God of Mischief” in matte lettering. This can easily be your next go-to jacket to take you from day to night without missing a beat!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The MULTI-TASKR Full-Size Backpack

Are you a true MULTI-TASKR? Everything you need is right here. This bag = mixed functionality whenever, wherever. It has nods to Star Wars with a debossed pattern of the Rebel Alliance symbol over the front and a silicone patch of the Rebel X-Wing Pilot symbol. You’ll also find Rebel Alliance X-Wing motifs along the straps.

Features for this bag include a laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, phone pocket, water bottle holder, places for small essentials like keys and pens, and adjustable side straps. No matter what your orders are on your next mission, this bag is a must to bring along!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The EVRYDAY Convertible Backpack & Crossbody Bag

No matter what the day brings, you’re ready for it! This bag caters to every need – switch it between a backpack, sling, and crossbody whenever you want. You’ll find a discreet, debossed pattern of the Rebel Alliance symbol over the top of the bag. You’ll also find subtle symbols of X-Wings on the straps, a silicone symbol of a pilot helmet on the front, and the Rebel Alliance symbol on the back of the bag.

The top of the bag includes a retractable top handle and inside, you’ll find an elastic loop for holding a water bottle, a compartment for sunglasses, drop pockets, a tablet pocket, and a zippered compartment for organizing everything you need. Everyday fandom fashion has never looked so cool!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The EXECUTIV Laptop Bag

Being a professional doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with fandom fashion! Packing everything you need for work has never been easier. This bag can hold a 13” laptop and includes compartments for your phone, preferred writing utensils, and water bottle.

Need to travel for work? A zippered pocket on the outside can unzip from the bottom so you can attach it to your suitcase handle. You’ll find debossing of the Rebel Alliance symbol all over the bag. The handles of the bag read “STAR WARS” with the Rebel Alliance symbol. You’ll find a debossed print of the Rebel X-Wing on the back to add another fandom touch. Keep everything secure for work and travel throughout the galaxy with this bag!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance The MINIMALST Flap Wallet

Simple, sleek, functional style that honors your fandom in the way you like. This wallet is gray and features a debossed pattern of the Rebel Alliance symbol all over. There’s an orange metal rivet in the bottom corner that has the Rebel Alliance symbol, too.

Inside, you’ll find four card slots for cards, plus two additional interior slots and a billfold slot at the top. It folds up neatly to hold your essentials close – toss it into your go-to bag for a small shoutout to your favourite fandom!

Loungefly COLLECTIV Star Wars Rebel Alliance VRSITY Jacket

A leveled-up varsity jacket meets your favorite fandom. Embroidered and embossed details bring this jacket to life. You’ll find a chenille patch of the letter “R” with orange Rebel X-Wings. On the other side is an embroidered patch of a Rebel X-Wing Pilot helmet with the words “Red-Five” below it.

On the sleeves, you’ll find chenille patches with Rebel X-Wings and the Rebel Alliance logo. Snaps down the front of the jacket also have the Rebel Alliance symbol. On the back, you’ll find the word “Rebel” embroidered in orange in Aurebesh as well as the Rebel Alliance symbol. Be the best dressed on your next mission with this jacket!

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New styles abound with this new Loungefly collection. For those that want a subtle nod to your fandom and more accessories that work with your everyday style – COLLECTIV is for you.

Embrace your fandom with fashion that moves and lives with you.