Remember what’s important in life: Friends, Waffles, and Work! Relive

your favorite moments from the hit TV show in this party game! Pick

one of Pawnee’s famous Parks and Recreation projects, make deals,

and recruit help. You’ll need to work with your colleagues, but if you can

take more credit, you’ll earn sweeter rewards. When Li’l Sebastian is

done eating, the game ends and whoever has the best waffles wins!

Interesting Gameplay Features

• Includes an adorable Li’l Sebastian figure!

• Original art in the style of Pawnee’s historic murals.

• Play as Leslie, April, Donna, Ron, Tom, or Andy.

• Each card in your hand has a hilarious quote from the show.

• Visitors like Ann and Jean-Ralphio change up the game each time

you play!

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