Moo-ve aside! Pop! Clarabelle Cow is utterly thrilled to join your set. She’s collected all the gossip she’s overheard, and she wants to share it with you. Since the 1930s, Disney fans have enjoyed her melodious moo and silly antics. Unite her with the rest of her Disney friends for hours of a-moos-ment. Vinyl figure is approximately 10.1cm tall.

Net Weight : 0.2 ,Gross Weight : 0.2 ,Tare Weight : 0.2 ,Length : 6.0 ,Width : 5.5 ,Height : 11.4




The new Funko Gift Box takes the stress out finding the perfect boxes to wrap your Funko Pop! presents in. It fits any standard size Pop! and features a subtle festive design with the crown logo.

Net Weight : 0.3 ,Gross Weight : 0.3 ,Tare Weight : 0.3 ,Length : 15.2 ,Width : 20.3 ,Height : 10.2

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