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Ready for a thrilling, fun-filled mystery? Snag a Pop! Mystery for just 5 GBP/ 6 EUR. These mystery Pops! are all standard-size collectibles, and they could be exclusive, or they could be mainline items. There’s the added mystery of what license or theme you’ll get too. It could be a classic hero, princess, or may even be an advertising icon. Take the leap to fun with the 5 GBP Pop! Mystery drop.
Please note: we cannot accept returns or exchanges for this item. All sale is final.. You may receive duplicate figures.




The new Funko Gift Box takes the stress out finding the perfect boxes to wrap your Funko Pop! presents in. It fits any standard size Pop! and features a subtle festive design with the crown logo.

Net Weight : 0.3 ,Gross Weight : 0.3 ,Tare Weight : 0.3 ,Length : 15.2 ,Width : 20.3 ,Height : 10.2

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