U2 - POP


Irish rock band U2 is here to take the stage in your music collection! Rock out with Pop! Bono, Pop! The Edge, Pop! Larry Mullen Jr., and Pop! Adam Clayton. This Deluxe Pop! Album features these four band members as Pop! Figures, as well as the cover art from their album Pop! Packaged in a protective hard case, this Deluxe Pop! Album can be hung on a wall or placed on a shelf next to your music collection. Vinyl figures are approximately 10 cm to 10.7 cm tall. Pop! figures are adhered to the base and backdrop to ensure display integrity. Approximate dimensions of the protective case: W 59.7 cm x H 31.1 cm x D 9.5 cm. Please note: Pop! Deluxe Album does not include a playable vinyl record.

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