Join Tommy Pickles on fun and adventures by adding Funko Pop! vinyl figure of Tommy Pickles from the Rugrats to your Pop! TV collection. The diaper-clad Pop! Tommy Pickles is cuddling his teddy bear. There’s a 1 in 6 chance you may find the chase variant of Tommy Pickles holding a ball. Vinyl figure is 8.4 cm tall. Please note: Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed.

Net Weight : 0.2 ,Gross Weight : 0.2 ,Tare Weight : 0.2 ,Length : 11.5 ,Width : 8.8 ,Height : 15.9




The new Funko Gift Box takes the stress out finding the perfect boxes to wrap your Funko Pop! presents in. It fits any standard size Pop! and features a subtle festive design with the crown logo.

Net Weight : 0.3 ,Gross Weight : 0.3 ,Tare Weight : 0.3 ,Length : 15.2 ,Width : 20.3 ,Height : 10.2

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