Bring the fire to your collection with this Vinyl Soda and Bag Bundle.

Carry this exclusive Star Wars Incinerator Trooper Mini Backpack to take on the day with style. The backpack takes on an Incinerator Trooper’s helmet shape, and from the front, the face of the Trooper, with the signature red marking, looks out. In fact, the lower half of the Incinerator Trooper's intimidating face zips up to make a front compartment. On the back, this Stormtrooper's symbol appears, with a flame flickering above. Backpack features include gunmetal hardware, vegan leather (polyurethane), adjustable straps, side pockets, and applique, debossed, embroidered, and printed details. Note the coordinating lining. This backpack is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

Backpack dimensions: W 22.8 cm x H 25.4 cm x D 11.4 cm (Please note: Width is measured across the bottom of the backpack.)

Included in this bundle is Vinyl Soda Stormtrooper. Only 15,000 of this collectible were made, and there’s a 1 in 6 chance you may find the metallic chase! SODA collectible is approximately 9.8cm tall. Please note: Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed.

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