Dr. Jones is on a mission to prevent historical treasures from falling into the wrong hands. Help this legendary archaeologist fend off snakes and recover the biblical Ark of the Covenant by joining this exclusive Pop! Indiana Jones™ on his next expedition. This valuable relic doesn’t belong in a museum—it belongs in your Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark™ collection! Vinyl bobblehead is approximately 11.9 cm tall. Please note: Product will have the 2023 Fall Convention sticker. Customer may purchase up to two pieces per household. This item does not qualify for discounts or promotions.




The new Funko Gift Box takes the stress out finding the perfect boxes to wrap your Funko Pop! presents in. It fits any standard size Pop! and features a subtle festive design with the crown logo.

Net Weight : 0.3 ,Gross Weight : 0.3 ,Tare Weight : 0.3 ,Length : 15.2 ,Width : 20.3 ,Height : 10.2

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