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The Marvel Avengers Assemble series is a brand-new, exclusive initiative from Funko. The Funko Pop! Deluxe Avengers Assemble series features 6 new, unique figures, ending with Steve Rogers as Captain America. This series will capture the iconic moment from the first Avengers movie, where the team circles up, and assembles for the first time. Each figure will nest perfectly into the next, eventually forming a dynamic 30.5 cm diameter set piece. These figures feature a level of detail not captured by the original series of Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures collectibles made for the first Avengers movie. This Captain America figure is the last to release in the series. Start or complete your Avengers Assemble series today by securing the final figure, Captain America! The Avengers Assemble: Captain America figure is approximately 11.4 cm tall.

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